Ages 4-7

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  • In a Heartbeat

    A boy has a crush on another boy and he is too shy to confess, but his heart is not so reticent.

    Fans of 'Moana' and 'Up' will like this.

    Country: USA.
    Language: No dialogue.

  • Sweet Cocoon

    Two insects help a caterpillar in her metamorphosis.

    Fans of ’A Bug’s Life‘ will like this.

    Country: France.
    Language: No dialogue.

  • Alma

    A young takes window shopping a step too far in this beautiful animation.

    Fans of ‘Tim Burton’ will like this.

    Country: Spain.
    Language: No dialogue.

  • Pat

    As many unfortunate ones before him, Pat is a toy robot who wants to take a leap of faith, but something changes his mind...

    Fans of ’Toy Story‘ will like this.

    Country: Italy.
    Language: English.

  • Arid

    A boy and his bull companion travel across the arid African landscapes in search of safe refuge. Within the beauty of surreal landscapes lurks dangers they’ll soon have to face.

    Country: South Africa.
    Language: No dialogue.

  • A Tinsel Township Christmas Tale

    Hobbs, a man in poverty, tells a story to his daughter Lili on Christmas Eve of how he had to obtain presents for her and the township before time ran out.

    Fans of ’The Nightmare Before Christmas‘ will like this.

    Country: English.
    Language: South Africa.

  • Silly Beast

    Rahi travels through the jungle with his best friend, until his friend sees another just like him...

    Fans of ‘Ice Age‘ will like this.

    Country: France.
    Language: No dialogue.

  • Superbot

    A curious little house robot has to overcome his biggest challenge yet to keep his family together...

    Fans of ‘Wall-E‘ will like this.

    Country: France.
    Language: No dialogue.

  • Grandpa

    A young boy mourns the death of his grandfather but during the traditional Taiwanese funeral he learns a valuable life lesson.

    Country: France.
    Language: No dialogue.