Clear Your Head

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  • Clear Your Head: Anxiety Is Not Lying To You

    We often get told that anxiety is a liar. Mind Coach Tim Box explains why anxiety will often tell us things that aren't true, but how this has nothing to do with lying.

  • Clear Your Head: Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    Mind Coach Tim Box gives his thoughts on why the need to constantly push outside your comfort zone may lead to bad things.

  • Clear Your Head: Shut Down

    Tim Box, Remedial Hypnotist, talks about what happens when anxiety forces us to retreat entirely from even the simplest tasks and how we solve this problem simply and effectively.

  • Clear Your Head: Banish Procrastination

    Mind Coach Tim Box gives his top tips for beating procrastination and moving forward towards your goals. If you are currently finding yourself procrastinating rather than taking action then this video will give you a greater understanding of what is going on on your mind and how you take action t...

  • Clear Your Head: Why Do You Have Low Self-Esteem

    Mind Coach Tim Box explains how to boost your own self esteem and the impact that will have to reduce anxiety and help put you back in control of your own emotions

  • Clear Your Head: Dealing With Negative Comments

    A great cause of anxiety can be the negative comments and opinions of others. Mind Coach Tim Box breaks down the truth behind negative comments and the motivation of those that troll others, as well as providing some solid real world advice for how we move forward in life without feeling vulnerab...

  • Clear Your Head: Meltdown

    Why do we become emotional and go into meltdown when we feel overwhelmed? Mind Coach Tim Box talks about why this happens and delivers some simple tips to get control of your emotions and minimise the effects of meltdown.

  • Clear Your Head: Anxiety Gets a Bad Rap

    Anxiety can get a pretty bad rap. Mind Coach Tim Box explains why denying anxiety is the quickest way to make it worse.

  • Clear Your Head: Understanding The Anxiety Puzzle

    Getting control of anxiety when it has escalated and spiralled out of control can seem like an impossible task. Mind Coach Tim Box talks about the first and all important step we must take before our mind will even attempt to solve the anxiety puzzle.

  • Clear Your Head: You Don't Have Anxiety

    Mind Coach Tim Box explains and demonstrates why we often make the mistake of perceiving anxiety as something that happens to us rather than something that we ourselves do.

  • Clear Your Head: Why Your New Year's Resolutions Fail

    Have your New Year's Resolutions failed yet? Mind Coach Tim Box explains why that is and what you can still do to makes sure you succeed in setting and reaching your new year goals.

  • Clear Your Head: When You Feel Too Anxious To Breathe

    The feeling that we’re about to run out of breath can be one of the scariest parts of our anxiety response. Mind Coach Tim Box explains why anxiety can sometimes leaves us fighting for breath and how we stop that happening.