Controlling Intrusive Thoughts

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  • Clear Your Head: You Are Better Than You Think (Part 16)

    Tim Box gives professional insight and useful tips to help increase your self-worth and confidence. He looks at the three main causes of low self-esteem, explains how to counteract negative thoughts, and build a better perspective when it comes to evaluating our own self-worth.

  • Negative Self Talk: Learning to Mold Your Inner Critic

    Are you your own worst enemy? Find yourself criticizing and speaking to yourself in a way that you would never speak to a friend? Psychotherapist Paige Pradko shares some of the most helpful techniques to thoughtfully address your inner critic and learn to mold it from a negative, shaming voice, ...

  • Mindfulness: Coping with Negative Thoughts

    We all have them. Nagging thoughts in the back of our mind that seem to never go away. Some strike us when we're feeling low, while others sneak up on us when we think nothing could possibly drag us down. What matters is how you respond when these feelings arise. Psychotherapist Paige Pradko cove...

  • Intrusive Thoughts (What They Really Mean)

    Tim Box discusses ‘Intrusive Thoughts’, he explains what they are, why we might have them and what we can do about them or how we can learn to live with them.

  • Stop Intrusive Thoughts: Pure O

    Psychotherapist Paige Pradko teaches you how to stop intrusive thoughts through a simple exposure or ERP technique called, "I. A.M.". In this technique, you will learn what to do in the moment when you have an obsessive, intrusive thought.

  • Pure O: Unwanted Thoughts & Why You Have Them

    Pure OCD and struggling from unwanted, intrusive thoughts can be exhausting. Psychotherapist Paige Pradko describes unwanted, intrusive thoughts, Pure O, and why you have intrusive thoughts.