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Be Good


Up Next in Drama

  • Eli

    Based on a holocaust survivor's story, a terrorist attack in London raises questions about immigration and humanity.

    Fans of 'Schindler's List' would like this.

    Genre: Drama, Immigration.
    Additional: British. Distressing archive scenes, scenes of violence, strong rhetoric.
    Directed by Col...

  • Be My First

    Japanese teenager puts an ad online; I'm a high-school student and I'm a virgin, does anyone want to be my first?  It has to be tonight'

    Fans of 'Hard Candy' will like this.

    Genre: Drama, Thriller.
    Additional: Japanese, Canadian, LGBTQ, contains sexual references and content some viewers m...

  • Beer

    Stylish cautionary tale revealing the evils of beer. Charles Bukowski's poem is brought to life in this All-American drama.

    Fans of 'Charles Bukowski' will like this.

    Genre: Poetry, Drama.
    Additional: American.
    Director: Nick Hayes.