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Up Next in Drama

  • City Lights

    A night security guard falls for a woman in the office building opposite triggering an unconventional courtship in this sweet British romantic comedy.

    Genre: Romance, Drama.
    Additional: British
    Director: Ed Wiles.

  • Heaven's Secret

    As a young man narrates the story of his own murder he reveals the true secret of getting in to Heaven.

    Fans of ’The Lovely Bones‘ will like this.

    Genre: Drama.
    Additional: British. Subtitles
    Director: Ed Wiles.

  • The Wall

    A man leaves an affectionate message for his daughter while driving slowly through a carwash. As he recalls their weekend together and memories from her childhood, it becomes clear that this is more than just a catch-up.

    Genre: Drama.
    Additional: British.
    Director: Dorothy Allen-Pickard.