Art Therapy for Stress

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  • Art Exercise for Stress Relief

    How do you manage your stress? With work, relationships, finances and the demands in life, our levels of stress can reach a point where it can be difficult to cope with. If we don't learn to let it out in some way, stress can damage our health, relationships, and quality of life. Art Therapist Er...

  • Therapeutic Art Activity for Anger

    Art Therapist Erica Pang shares an activity to help you express your anger, and most importantly, find out what is underneath it. Discovering these emotions can help you get to the root of your anger and help you begin to start your inner work.

  • Therapeutic Art Exercise for Endings

    Follow along with this Therapeutic Art Exercise by Erica Pang so you can lovingly close the door of a relationship and celebrate the beginning of something new.

  • Therapeutic Art Activity to Shed your Old Self

    This step-by-step Therapeutic Art Activity by Erica Pang will help you shed your old skin, highlight what you want to leave behind and push you forward into your new life.

  • Therapeutic Art Activity for Self-Reflection

    Why is self-reflection so important? Because it allows us to go from experiencing to understanding. Erica Pang share a Therapeutic Art Activity for self-reflection.

  • Therapeutic Art Activity for Self-Discovery

    Erica Pang shares a simple Therapeutic Art Activity to help you reflect and uncover who you really are through the creative process.

  • Therapeutic Art Activity for Sadness

    Do you allow your sadness to come through or do you push it away? Follow along in this step-by-step Therapeutic Art Activity by Erica Pang to help express and celebrate your sadness in a gentle and loving way.

  • Emotional Check-In Through Art

    When was the last time you emotionally checked in with yourself? Having this as a daily practice is such an important part of our self-care. This simple and easy Art Therapy activity by Erica Pang will help you get in touch with yourself, your feelings and give voice to what may be hiding inside.

  • Therapeutic Art Activity for Identity

    Who are you? What makes you, you? Diving into your personality traits, your likes, dislikes, and belief systems can help you give you a deeper sense of self. Follow along to this step-by-step Therapeutic Art Activity by Erica Pang to help you explore your own identity in a creative and integrativ...

  • Art Exercise to Close a Chapter (And Start a New One)

    What chapter are you ready to close? And what chapter are you ready to begin? There comes a time in our life where, intentionally, or unintentionally a chapter must close. In this step-by-step Therapeutic Art Exercise by Erica Pang, you will be guided to visually express a unique time in your lif...

  • Art Activity for Burnout

    Follow along to this step-by-step Therapeutic Art Activity by Erica Pang to help you pause, reflect, and reconnect to your energy again in a creative way.

  • Art Exercise for Self-Worth

    How do you define your self-worth? This art exercise by Erica Pang will help you build your own worth by celebrating yourself in a fun and creative way.

  • Art Therapy Activity for Letting Go

    This is a relaxing and meditative Art Therapy activity to help you let go of any weight you've been carrying. Follow along with Erica Pang in this step-by-step guide on how to transform the heaviness in your heart into the freedom of a bird.

  • Art Therapy Activity for Setting Boundaries

    Erica Pang shares an Art Therapy activity that will help you visualize, imagine, and create what it would feel like in your most empowered state of having healthy boundaries.

  • Therapeutic Art Activity to turn Fear into Excitement

    Erica Pang shares a simple 3-step Therapeutic Art process where you will be guided to feel your fear, anchor it with a positive thought, and shift it into excitement through the creative process.