Everybody Loves a Moose

Everybody Loves a Moose

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Everybody Loves a Moose
  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Nachos (Part 25)

    The witch has finally passed her witchcraft course and Jack’s cooking her nachos to celebrate. In return, the witch will make him big enough so he can go on fairground rides. The witch is napping but wants her nachos in twenty minutes.

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    Country: UK.

  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Gym (Part 26)

    Jack heads for the gym to get himself in condition for the Golden Skateboard race but the Moose turns up on every machine, telling Jack he’ll be his personal trainer. Jack storms off to the spinning bikes, only to find his bike is a tandem and the Moose is sitting behind him.

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  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Octopus (Part 27)

    Jack’s taking Uncle Schnitzler’s octopus, Bobby, for a walk. The Moose turns up as a photographer, but when he says Bobby looks good enough to eat, Bobby heads for a place to hide: a seafood restaurant, at lunchtime! Thinking the Moose and Jack are his new waiters, the chef gives them octopus to ...

  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Motel (Part 28)

    Jack’s working at the Duchess’ motel where the robot King Loola of the Loolas is booked in for peace talks with his enemies, the Slugs. If they don’t sort things out, the planet will be blown up so they have to make the King comfortable.

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    Country: UK.

  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Racehorse (Part 29)

    The Duchess’ racehorse, Leroy Lightning, is refusing to run so Jack’s going to try to persuade him with a sugar lump and a carrot. His reward will be being a regular jockey. But Leroy’s already got a big bowl of sugar and many carrots.

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    Country: UK.

  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Kite Surfing (Part 31)

    Show-off O’Reilly will eat his kite if any kid can do better kite-surfing stunts than he can. Jack’s determined to out-do him and starts to blow up his kite as O’Reilly shows off for the crowd. The Moose turns up and eats Jack’s pump, making his kite unusable. Full of high-pressure air, however, ...

  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Time Portal (Part 32)

    Jack has discovered an ancient jewelled stone circle on a hill outside town. It’s a time portal, and Jack’s going to take it to the museum. The Moose is on hand to help. Jack warns him not to pass through the portal, since that will change history.

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  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Flea Circus (Part 33)

    The flea inspector is due at the Mayor’s flea circus and Jack’s been asked to train them. The inspector’s determined to shut them down so Jack mustn’t let the fleas escape. The Moose arrives to help with training, and sprays some ‘scent of summer’ round the room.

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  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Toaster (Part 34)

    The Mayor’s much-loved new robo-toaster has burned his breakfast so he has asked Jack to take it to the factory for repairs. If Jack can bring it back, without it having to be re-programmed, he’ll get a toaster of his own.

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    Country: United Kingdom.

  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Runaway Train (Part 35)

    Mrs Van Oeuf has bought the old mountain railway as a tourist attraction and Jack’s going to clean the carriages for her. It’s an old high smoke stack train with a snow plough and a brake-van carriage behind. Jack arrives with bucket and mop to find that the Moose sweeping the engine’s chimney, m...

  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Mouse (Part 36)

    The Duchess has a mouse in her house which is eating all her cheese so Jack’s going to catch it for her. He produces a mousetrap but the Moose arrives and catches his fingers in it. Cavorting round the kitchen, he wrecks the furniture and the trap.

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  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Rooster (Part 37)

    Roger the rooster has upset the Mayor’s chickens and they’re not laying eggs so Jack (in his skateboard armour) is going to try to make him see sense. The Moose turns up, hatching himself from a pretend egg, and says he’s a chicken psychologist.

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  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Mother's Day (Part 38)

    Jack’s going to make an ‘apology film’ for Woody the Lumberjack, who has forgotten Mothers’ Day. Woody’s mum’s in a filthy temper but Woody can’t find the right words to say to her, when the Moose turns up like a Hollywood director with a loud hailer.

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  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Pizza (Part 39)

    Paolo the pizza man’s scooter has broken down and Jack’s going to deliver Mrs Well-to-do’s pizzas for her lunch party. Mrs Well-to-do is sick of pasta because it takes too long to make. She likes fast food. The Moose hides under a pile of dough in Paolo’s.

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  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Sheep (Part 40)

    Gus McGrim’s shepherd is off with a cold and Alan the Shearer is due. He’ll need some clean sheep to shear, and Jack’s offered to keep the sheep clean. Jack needn’t worry about the wolf, McGrim tells him, as they haven’t had one of those for a hundred years.

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  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Autograph (Part 41)

    Jack heads to the robo-hospital to get King Robot’s autograph for Uncle Schnitzler. He will get the autograph post-op. The Moose, dressed as a doctor, chases an angry squirrel from an ambulance – before offering to help.

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    Country: United Kingdom.

  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Gardening (Part 42)

    Jack is weeding Mrs Well-to-do’s garden for pocket money. Mrs Well-to-do tells him to take special care of her gnomes. Jack goes to the shed for tools to find the Moose’s head poking out of the top of it. The shed falls apart, nearly destroying the gnomes.

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  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Loch Ness (Part 43)

    Jack’s in a boat on a loch, trying to get a picture of the Loch Ness monster. The reward - the freedom of Scotland. The Moose appears in a dinghy, before falling into Jack’s boat and eating Jack’s camera. They must raise the big sail, he says, and head into deeper water.

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  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Hot Air Balloon (Part 44)

    Jack’s guarding Uncle Schnitzler’s hot air balloon while he takes tea with the Duchess. The Hot Air Balloon thieves are in the area, Jack’s uncle says. The Moose falls out of the sky in a block of ice as the thieves sneak into the balloon capsule.

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  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Cow Blues (Part 45)

    Farmer McGrim tells Jack that if he can get his stubborn cow, Bessie, back to the farm by sundown, he can ride with her on the Old Timers’ Carnival float. Jack is dismayed to find the Moose wants to help him. The Moose says he is a cow whisperer but in trying to hypnotise Bessie, he hypnotises hi...

  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Ghost Ship (Part 46)

    Jack’s hunting the ghost ship that arrives every one hundred years, with Captain Kidd and his parrot on board. It’s midnight, and misty, and a lot of ‘yo-ho-ho-ing’ is heard, but that’s only the Moose arriving in a boat which hits the jetty, and carries it (and Jack) away with it.

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  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Library (Part 47)

    To win the school’s Science Shield, Jack must finish his Moon project so he heads to the library. The Cyborg librarian lets him in on condition he’s quiet. The Moose tumbles in through a skylight to join Jack and the librarian delivers a warning blast from her laser.

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  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Exam (Part 48)

    Jack’s got a 10-minute art exam which he is sure will be easy. He is just going to have to paint a bowl of fruit. The fussy, academic-looking invigilator arrives but the minute he’s announced the start of the exam, a trapdoor – controlled by the Moose, who is also dressed as an invigilator - swal...

  • Everybody Loves a Moose - Deep Sea Diver (Part 49)

    Jack’s borrowed Mrs Van Oeuf’s diving bell to look for the world’s most perfectly preserved sunken galleon. He has to have it back by teatime so she can go looking for a giant squid for her fishpond. When Jack lets down a plumb-line, he hauls in the Moose and the boat rocks so much they both fall...