Real life stories - Anxiety, depression & wellbeing

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  • Fight or Flight - What Is Anxiety?

    Have you ever felt alone, and like no one could understand what you were thinking or feeling? Fight or Flight is an animated documentary series about our anxious emotions and resilience, told by young adults across interviews.

  • Fight or Flight - Opening Up

    In Chapter One of Fight or Flight, we hear about Ingrid, Alex, and Ethan's experiences with anxiety and depression.

  • Fight or Flight - Heartbreak

    In Chapter Two (Part I) of Fight or Flight, we hear Erin's story about her abusive relationship and her subsequent experience with anxiety and self-harm. Erin details how these experiences don't define her, and how she's grown as a person.

  • Fight or Flight - Compassion

    In Chapter Two (Part II) of Fight or Flight, we hear from Joseph about their experience in an abusive relationship, and from Swati about their career as a community mental health support worker.

  • Fight or Flight - Facing Challenges

    In Chapter Three of Fight or Flight, we hear from Dan and his experience with a schizophrenia diagnosis as well as Isidora about her experience with family issues and vulnerability.

  • Fight or Flight - Feeling Lost

    In Chapter Four of Fight or Flight, we hear Bryan's story about feeling lost in a new place, thoughts of not wanting to exist, and how important it is to seek out help when you're feeling lost.

  • Fight or Flight - Tips for Well-Being

    In the final chapter of Fight or Flight, we hear the top tips from the series' interviewees about how to best improve your mental well-being.