Focused Meditation

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  • Breath Focused Meditation

    Psychotherapist Paige Pradko explains and guides us through the practice of Breath Focused Meditation - resulting in lasting, positive changes for our brains.

  • Sunset Meditation

    Psychotherapist Paige Pradko takes you through a guided meditation to help those who are struggling to make it through difficult times and learning how to manage their anxiety in healthier ways.

  • The Science of Yoga (Part 1) - Meditation

    Modem day scientists and ancient mystics may agree on more than you think. Exploration of some parallels within the ancient practice of meditation. Part 1/9.

  • The Science of Yoga (Part 7) - Consciousness

    Consciousness is a mysterious thing. The scientific mind has struggled to unravel it, in meditation we may understand it. Part 7/9.

  • Art Therapy Activity for Letting Go

    This is a relaxing and meditative Art Therapy activity to help you let go of any weight you've been carrying. Follow along with Erica Pang in this step-by-step guide on how to transform the heaviness in your heart into the freedom of a bird.