Mindfulness - Tips, advice & exercises

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  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    Psychotherapist Paige Pradko teaches progressive muscle relaxation for reducing stress, calming anxiety, improving sleep, improving the management of chronic pain, sports performance and recovery in athletes.

  • Flow State (Part 1) - Only your state matters

    Explaining the Flow State and it’s uses in maintaining positive mental health. Part 1/2.

  • Flow State (Part 2) - Getting into the Flow State

    Comparing the ‘Flow State’ and the common 'Trying state'. Tips on attaining and maintaining the Flow State. Part 2/2.

  • Mindfulness Practice Explained

    Psychological Well-Being Practitioner Andrea talks about mindfulness, explaining the origins of mindfulness, what mindfulness is, and its benefits and uses in clinical practice.

  • Self-Acceptance Mindfulness

    Psychological Well-Being Practitioner Andrea explains what research says about self-acceptance mindfulness practice.

  • Guided Mindful Practice

    Psychological Well-Being Practitioner's Andrea guides you through a self-acceptance mindfulness practice.

  • Visualisation Techniques

    If you have ever struggled with obsessive thoughts, worries, or even panic, you know that these frustrating mental activities can increase your stress level and anxiety. Psychotherapist Paige Pradko outlines some Visualisation techniques to help us guide our brains to calmer neuropathways, ultima...

  • Mindfulness Techniques

    Psychotherapist Paige Pradko teaches some mindfulness techniques to help you notice what body sensations, thoughts and feelings you are experiencing in the moment.

  • Art Exercises For Letting Go

    This is a relaxing and meditative Art Therapy activity to help you let go of any weight you've been carrying. Follow along with Erica Pang in this step-by-step guide on how to transform the heaviness in your heart into the freedom of a bird.

  • Mindfulness For Children

    Child Psychologist Tamara Licht talks about a technique which can help children while they are in an emotional state. Mindfulness helps children to reconnect with what is happening in the here and now.

  • Buddhism explained (Part 1) - What is Emptiness Meditation?

    Learning to open ourselves to becoming ‘empty’ allowing ours brains to reset and process thoughts more effectively. Part 1/3.

  • Buddhism explained (Part 2) - How to Deal with Anger

    Explaining and deconstructing the emotion of anger, in order to understand it within ourselves. Part 2/3.

  • Buddhism explained (Part 3) - What is Detachment & Why is it So Important?

    A closer look of the detachment and attachment, in ourselves and society. Part 3/3.

  • Sadhguru (Part 1) - The Four Yogis

    There are four main ways to become meditative - Karma, Bhakti, Raja and Jnana Yoga. Yoga explained. Part 1/8.

  • Sadhguru (Part 2) - The Crippled Fox

    The story of the crippled fox and the generous lion - a tale from South India. Part 2/8.

  • Sadhguru (Part 3) - King of the Jungle

    The story of a proud lion that asks the question, who is the real king of the jungle? Part 3/8.

  • Sadhguru (Part 4) - What does God look like?

    Sadhguru explains that what you think God looks like simply depends on your culture. In truth - it is beyond any conditioned ideas. Part 4/8.

  • Sadhguru (Part 5) - A Story From 2050

    A short story from sadhguru about the relationship between man and god. Part 5/8.

  • Sadhguru (Part 6) - Mahashivratri explained

    Sadhguru explains Mahashivratri, and the energetic change that occurs on the planet - one that we can participate in. Part 6/8.

  • Sadhguru (Part 7) - Story of Mr. Henry Ford

    Have you heard of the inventor Henry Ford? Sadhguru tells a short story about the man himself. Part 7/8.

  • Sadhguru (Part 8) - The 5 Koshas

    Here Sadhguru presents his perception of the the 5 sheaths or layers in the human being. The layers are of increasing subtlety. Part 8/8.

  • How To Calm Anxiety

    In order to calm down our brain, we must stop trying to control our thoughts and avoid things that make us anxious. Psychotherapist Paige Pradko explains why instead, we must welcome and accept anxiety.

  • Calming Mantras

    Pscyhotherapist Paige Pradko has come up with a list of positive mantras and phrases. Positive, encouraging affirmations help us when we need that extra boost of confidence and they help in reducing our anxiety.

  • How Meditation Helps with Mindfulness

    Modem day scientists and ancient mystics may agree on more than you think. Exploration of some parallels within the ancient practice of meditation.