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The Banishing


Up Next in Horror

  • Fist of Jesus

    The famous tale of Jesus Christ and Judas Iscariot… battling zombies.

    Fans of ’The Evil Dead‘ will like this.

    Genre: Action, Horror, Comedy.
    Additional: Spain. Subtitles.
    Director: Adrián Cardona & David Muñoz.

  • Into the Mud

    When a woman wakes up naked in the middle of the woods she discovers she’s not alone and the life or death chase is on.

    Fans of ‘The Cabin in the Woods‘ will like this.

    Genre: Horror, Thriller.
    Additional: Spanish.
    Director: Pablo S. Pastor.

  • The Dollmaker

    When a grieving mother is given the opportunity to spend precious time with her dead child using a magical surrogate doll she jumps as the chance...but her husband is unsure. Creepy American horror.

    Fans of ‘Annabelle‘ will like this.

    Genre: Horror.
    Additional: American.
    Director: Al Lougher.