Techniques - Positive psychology

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  • How To Be Your Own Therapist

    When we are struggling emotionally and mentally but don't want or can't afford professional help, what other options are there? Mind Coach Tim Box explains how to be your own therapist and create an environment in your own mind that is geared towards recovery and good mental health.

  • How To Stop Self-Sabotaging

    Many people Self Sabotage - allowing their minds to actively work against themselves and become in direct and deliberate conflict with happiness. Tim Box gives fresh perspective on how to shut down this response and get our minds entirely on-board with where we're going and what we want to achieve.

  • How To Overcome Fear

    Most people put far more effort into avoiding the things they're afraid of as opposed to working out how to overcome those fears. Tim Box believes that getting rid of a fear can be a simple process that often doesn't require any therapeutic intervention. He explains what fear represents and how w...

  • Boost Your Resilience - Dr Tim Sharp

    Dr Tim Sharp, positive psychologist, discusses strategies for building resilience to life's challenges including keeping your eye on the end goal, physical health and constructive thinking.

  • How To Stop Overthinking

    Whether it’s ruminating on the past, worrying about the future or just fixating on things that we can’t do anything about, we’re all guilty of overthinking at times. Mind Coach Tim Box discusses the different ways your mind engages in thoughts and ideas that just waste time, energy and focus.

  • How To Move On From Trauma

    Tim Box discusses the impact trauma can have on us, what our mind is really trying to do in those instances, and how we might navigate our way to the other side of it so we can emerge emotionally unscathed.

  • How To Stop Thinking The Worst

    How do we stop ourselves imagining, fearing and freaking ourselves out about the worst case scenarios? Mind Coach Tim Box give you three simple thoughts you can use in those moments when we find ourselves fixating on the potential disasters on the horizon to mitigate any anxiety and get control o...

  • How To Think More Positively

    t's no secret that how we think, feel and behave, can be altered by shifting our focus. Mind Coach Tim Box explains three simple thoughts designed to shift your perspective and improve your thinking.

  • How To Get Rid Of Anxiety - Tim Box

    Mind Coach Tim Box discusses the best way to get rid of anxiety completely and if we should be looking to do so.

  • How To Change Your Way Of Thinking

    The way we perceive things directly influences the way we interact with them and ultimately dictates the way we think, feel or behave. If we can change our perspective we can very often change our options and upgrade our responses. Mind Coach Tim Box shares some more thoughts to change your think...

  • How To Build Your Confidence

    Have you ever had the thought that life would just be so much easier with a little more confidence? Mind Coach Tim Box discusses why confidence isn't what we might think it is and what we actually need to do to allow our confidence to grow.

  • A Simple Guide To The Mind

    Mind Coach Tim Box discusses his analogy of the mind using a Ship, The Captain & The Crew...

  • You Are Better Than You Think

    Tim Box gives professional insight and useful tips to help increase your self-worth and confidence. He looks at the three main causes of low self-esteem, explains how to counteract negative thoughts, and build a better perspective when it comes to evaluating our own self-worth.

  • Positive psychology (Part 1) - The Success Conspiracy

    Do we imprint success in children and can this affect them finding their own path? Part 1/9.

  • Positive psychology (Part 2) - A Matter of Perspective

    How to gain a more positive perspective and overcome prejudices. Learning to put down the lens can be liberating. Part 2/9.

  • Positive psychology (Part 3) - A Dragon Attacks

    A dragon attacks a village and teaches them a lesson. Part 3/9.

  • Positive psychology (Part 4) - The Reptilian Brain

    The Reptilian R-Complex is the part of us that's only concerned with survival and could contribute to us failing to achieve our true goal. Part 4/9.

  • Positive psychology (Part 5) - The Three Brains

    Do we have three intelligence centres? A look at how our brain works. Part 5/6.

  • Positive psychology (Part 6) - Intuition

    Is there more behind intuition than just ‘a feeling’? A look at the science behind intuition. Is it a small part in a much bigger story? Part 6/7.

  • Positive psychology (Part 7) - Virtual Reality

    Are you constructing thoughts about the reality of your situation and how much is completely fictitious? Part 7/9.

  • Positive psychology (Part 8) - Technology and Posture

    Could your technology ‘addiction’ be negatively affecting your posture and tech-posture cycle? Part 8/9.

  • Positive psychology (Part 9) - What on Earth Do I Do?

    What to do when you don't quite know what to do? Part 9/9.