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Grown Up Man

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  • Creature from the Lake

    An experienced ‘monster-hunter’ and his intrepid camerawoman visit a remote lake where mysterious disappearances occur.

    Fans of ‘Hotel Transylvania‘ will like this.

    Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Comedy.
    Additional: France.
    Director: Renata Antunez, Alexis Bédué, Léa Bresciani, Amandine Canville, ...

  • Dig Your Own Grave

    Reggie brings Dan into the desert to dig his own grave, but there’s a problem that’s going take a while to fix.

    Fans of ‘Pineapple Express‘ will like this.

    Genre: Comedy.
    Additional: USA.
    Director: Kirk Larsen.

  • Reach

    Lost between a deep canyon and a deadly desert, a young woman battles to survive. Her one hope is a homemade radio station but can she make it work?

    Fans of ‘127 Hours‘ will like this.

    Genre: Animation.
    Additional: Belgium.
    Director: Brieuc Cornet, Eulalie Deruy, Pauline Gossart & Bernny ...