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In a Jungle

Latest Releases • 12m

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  • A Study in Tyranny

    When an unlikely assassin finds himself in turn of the century Vienna with a plan to kill Adolf Hitler he comes armed with more than just a gun.

    Fans of ‘Inglorious Bastards‘ will like this.

    Genre: Thriller, Sci-fi, Period.
    Additional: American.
    Director: Andrew Laurich.

  • Be Good

    An eight-year-old girl finds herself in danger when her mother returns home late one night with an untrustworthy stranger that she calls “a friend”.

    Fans of 'Pan's Labyrinth' will like this.

    Genre: Drama, Fantasy.
    Additional: British.
    Director: James Lawes.

  • Keeping Sophie

    It's Christmas time in the house where Sophie has been living since she was a little girl. However, this isn't the merry occasion it should be to a young woman but at least it gives her the opportunity she's been waiting a lifetime for.

    Fans of ‘The Lovely Bones‘ will like this.

    Genre: Thriller...