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Killing Time

Latest Releases • 4m 47s

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  • Floor X

    An accidental meeting in an elevator at a department store pushes two older women to their limits...

    Genre: Comedy, Drama.
    Additional: German. Subtitles.
    Director: Francy Fabritz.

  • Dark Dark Woods

    Princess Maria has had about enough of her royal life – it’s all responsibilities and duties. Overwhelmed, Maria is swept away on an adventure into the monster-filled woods.

    Fans of ‘Brave‘ will like this.

    Genre: Animation, Fantasy.
    Additional: French.
    Director: Emile Gignoux.

  • Splinter

    A centuries-old vampire contemplates the meaning of immortality in a hospital bed while a small piece of wood embedded in his chest slowly stakes him.

    Fans of ’Interview with the Vampire‘ will like this.

    Genre: Horror, Drama.
    Additional: American.
    Director: Curtis Matzke.