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Less Than Human

Latest Releases • 6m 9s

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  • On The Road

    During a long ride a woman picks up two hitchhikers. The three strangers begin a tense game. Unexpected secrets begin to be revealed.

    Fans of ’The Hitchhiker‘ will like this.

    Genre: Thriller, Drama.
    Additional: Polish. Subtitles.
    Director: Bartosz Nowacki.

  • Oasis

    Threatened by the advance of a barren desert, a mother and her son try to survive in a small oasis.

    Genre: Animation, Fantasy.
    Additional: French.
    Director: Florencia Atria, Léonard Hicks, Man Luo, Claire Matz, Luana Nguyen Tri Luan & Marine Pétri.

  • Submarine

    Under the imminent threat of Lebanon’s 2015 garbage crisis, Hala is the only person to refuse evacuation, clinging to the remains of her home.

    Fans of ’The Lady in the Van‘ will like this.

    Genre: Drama.
    Additional: Lebanese. Subtitles.
    Director: Mounia Akl.