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Nurse Me

Latest Releases • 11m

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  • Nirvana

    Insightful documentary following the largest festival for transgender women in Asia.

    Fans of ’The Trans List‘ will like this.

    Genre: Documentary
    Additional: British.
    Director: Jess Kohl.

  • Passage

    As the sun sets the city relaxes allowing the night sky comes to life in this beautiful hand-painted French animation.

    Fans of ‘Loving Vincent’ will like this.

    Genre: Animation, Experimental.
    Additional: French.
    Director: Simon Feat.

  • The Night of the Bear

    A woman’s simple life in the jungle takes a turn for the worse when a hunter appears.

    Fans of ‘Jungle Book‘ will like this.

    Genre: Animation.
    Additional: French.
    Director: Pascal Giraud, Alexis Fradier & Julien Regnard.