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  • The Crossing

    Late at night in an underpass a woman encounters a creature hiding in the darkness...

    Fans of ‘It Follows‘ will like this.

    Genre: Horror.
    Language: Russian.
    Director: Arseny Syuhin.

  • I Wait For The Night

    A discussion between two boys on the shores of an abandoned lake will force one of them to face his inner demons.

    Genre: Animation, romance.
    Language: French.
    Subtitles: English.
    Director: Arthur Chaumay.

  • The Sugarcane Man

    A young boy walks home on his own when he encounters a strange dog who steals his thumb piano. While he searches for the dog, he realises nothing is as it seems...

    Fans of ‘Us‘ will like this.

    Genre: Animation, horror.
    Language: No dialogue.
    Director: Tina Obo.