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Pure Aiyu

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  • Case #3809 - The Eldritch Mortician

    A naïve, ditsy 7-year old girl curiously stumbles upon a mortician's private stash of questionable, yet controversial personal treasures. This event may be the last discovery of her life.

    Country: United States.
    Language: English.
    Warning: Viewers may find disturbing/upsetting/offensive. Scenes ...

  • Bunun Plum

    Bunun use the most primitive organic farming method, from the pain of the early years to the restoration of fruit trees and land.

    Country: Taiwan.
    Language: Mandarin. Subtitles Available.

  • Shift

    SHIFT represents the consequences of our relationship with the planet we call home, wherein our actions cause a ripple effect of disaster and destruction. None that can’t be undone if we can make a shift.

    Country: Canada.
    Language: English.