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  • Nilā

    When a deadly snake bites, an antivenom needs to be administered fast or a person faces an unpleasant death. Meet the brave Snake Catcher’s Co-Operative of India, whose members face being bitten as they tackle live snakes to collect the venom needed to supply medical centres with the precious ant...

  • Self Conchious

    The Little Mermaid helps her crab friend by boosting his self-confidence.

    Fans of ’The Little Mermaid‘ will like this.

    Genre: Animation.
    Additional: Canadian.
    Director: Mira Del Degan.

  • Instinct

    In a dense and icy forest, Piotr, an inexperienced young hunter steps on a bear trap. While trapped and slowly freezing to death, the prey he was hunting approaches...

    Fans of ’The Revenant’ will like this.

    Genre: Animation, Action.
    Additional: French. Subtitles.
    Director: Arthur Allender, Mat...