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The Star

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  • The Forensic Photographer

    Nick Marsh has been a Forensic Photographer for over 20 years. Due to budget cuts and affordable digital technology, it's fast becoming a dying craft. This is an insight into his work and what it means to him.

    Fans of ’The Staircase‘ will like this.

    Genre: Documentary, crime.
    Language: English....

  • Metanoia

    A young apprentice and his old master are trekking through the desert so the apprentice can begin his rite of passage as a sorcerer.

    Fans of ’The Sword in the Stone' will like this.

    Genre: Animation,
    Language: No dialogue.
    Director: Emanuela Pereira.

  • Opal

    Claire has just arrived in an alternative, flooded, version of Paris, full of both wonders and dangers...

    Genre: Animation, sci-fi, romance.
    Language: French.
    Subtitles: English, French.
    Director: Merion Aknin, Leopold Prengere, Ilies Machou, Basile Delille & Vincent Leclerc.