Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

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  • Get Rid of Anxiety With This 7 Minute Method

    Tim Box reveals a quick and easy method to remove negative feelings and emotions. He learnt this extraordinary ‘mind trick’ while in training and has since adapted it for his own client, believing it can improve many aspects of life - including anxiety.

  • Tim Box: Clear Your Head - Anxiety When You're Doing Nothing?

    Mind Coach Tim Box explains why we sometimes feel anxious when we are doing nothing and have no reason to feel anxious, and what we need to know to stop that happening.

  • Bad Anxiety Advice: What Were They Thinking?

    Mind Coach Tim Box corrects some of the more common mistakes made by those that give us advice about anxiety on the internet.

  • Clear Your Head: When You Feel Too Anxious To Breathe (Part 14)

    The feeling that we’re about to run out of breath can be one of the scariest parts of our anxiety response. Mind Coach Tim Box explains why anxiety can sometimes leaves us fighting for breath and how we stop that happening.

  • Clear Your Head: Understanding The Anxiety Puzzle (Part 10)

    Getting control of anxiety when it has escalated and spiralled out of control can seem like an impossible task. Mind Coach Tim Box talks about the first and all important step we must take before our mind will even attempt to solve the anxiety puzzle.

  • Clear Your Head: Anxiety Is Not Lying To You (Part 1)

    We often get told that anxiety is a liar. Mind Coach Tim Box explains why anxiety will often tell us things that aren't true, but how this has nothing to do with lying.

  • Clear Your Head: Anxiety Gets a Bad Rap (Part 9)

    Anxiety can get a pretty bad rap. Mind Coach Tim Box explains why denying anxiety is the quickest way to make it worse.

  • Do You Want To Get Rid Of Anxiety?

    Mind Coach Tim Box talks about why anxiety is important and how we get control of it.

  • How To Attract (And Keep) The Right Partner: Relationship Tips From A Mind Coach

    Mind Coach Tim Box shares his thoughts and advice in the form of 7 top tips towards finding and keeping 'the one'.

  • Imposter Syndrome: Why We Feel Like A Fraud

    Mind Coach Tim Box explains why we might experience imposter syndrome, what it means when we do, and what we can do to get rid of that feeling.

  • Anxiety in the Night

    Do you ever wake in the middle of the night, feeling anxious and unable to shut your mind down about those ongoing concerns and worries?
    Mind Coach Tim Box breaks down why we do this and gives you some simple mind coaching tips for getting back to sleep when it happens and also for stopping it h...

  • Anxious... For No Reason?

    Anxiety for no reason? As we all know when we suffer with a high anxiety response, anxiety can strike at any time for absolutely no reason. Mind Coach Tim Box explains why we feel anxiety for seemingly no reason and how we stop it happening.

  • 3 Reasons You're Still Anxious (And What You Can Do About It)

    Experts tell us that anxiety is something we can recover from. So if that’s the case why, when we’ve been trying so hard to recover are we still anxious? Mind Coach Tim Box talks about the three ideas that when accepted as true end up locking us into a state of anxiety. Tim also explains how we b...

  • Clear Your Head: Anxiety - Can I Really Change? (Part 15)

    Mind Coach Tim Box answers questions about long-term anxiety, exam anxiety, and more.

  • Anxiety Gurus You Should Unfollow Immediately

    Why does the anxiety help we seek often end up making us feel worse? Mind Coach Tim Box explains why following some anxiety gurus only perpetuates (and in many cases increases) your anxiety. Tim also tells you how to spot and avoid the ones that mostly just make you feel worse.

  • Normal Anxiety or Disorder?

    What’s the difference between normal every day anxiety and an anxiety disorder? Mind Coach Tim Box explains how and why everyday anxiety becomes an anxiety disorder and what we can do to stop it happening.

  • The Cycle of Anxiety and Depression (And How To Break It)

    Feelings of anxiety and depression often go hand in hand as if they are one and the same thing. Mind Coach Tim Box speaks about this cycle and how breaking it can have such a positive effect.

  • How to Stop Scanning for Anxiety

    Mind Coach Tim Box explains why we find it so hard to just stop checking for signs of anxiety. Tim will also show you how we CAN do it when we shift our outlook and think about things in a slightly different way.

  • Controlling Anxiety Symptoms (Part Seven)

    When it comes to managing thoughts, behaviours, and responses there are a few simple things that can instantly start to improve the way our minds respond to daily challenges. Tim Box looks at the three main metrics of mind management, how we apply simple principles to help reduce anxiety, and how...

  • 3 Tips For Reducing Anxiety (Part One)

    Tim Box provides tools you can use today to reduce anxiety and start taking back control.

  • Challenging Anxiety Misconceptions: Part 2

    Tim Box dispels three myths and misconceptions about anxiety, explaining why these ideas potentially hold us back from the process of recovery and how changing our perspective facilitates change.

  • Anxiety Misconceptions: What Anxiety Is NOT

    Tim Box takes a close look at some common misconceptions about anxiety and explains how taking a fresh informed look at our mental health can help us take back control of unwanted responses.

  • Anxiety: This Does Not Define You

    The World Health Organisation estimates that roughly 264 million people on the planet currently have a diagnosed anxiety disorder. Tim Box explains the confusion surrounding anxiety disorders and explains that a diagnosis does not need to define who you are.

  • Breaking the Anxiety Loop

    Tim Box explains what causes us to initially develop an anxiety issue, why our anxiety reaches extreme out of control levels, how we then use that information to turn our anxiety response down, and how to get us back in control again.