Anxiety - Coping & combatting

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  • 7 Tips To Demolish Anxiety - Paige Pradko

    Treatment for anxiety disorders is surprising, because it requires doing the opposite of what common sense tells you to do. Psychotherapist Paige Pradko shares 7 tips to help you successfully treat and demolish your anxiety by using paradoxical methods of welcoming and allowing anxiety symptoms.

  • 3 Tips For Reducing Anxiety - Tim Box

    Tim Box provides tools you can use today to reduce anxiety and start taking back control.

  • Controlling Anxiety Symptoms - Tim Box

    When it comes to managing thoughts, behaviours, and responses there are a few simple things that can instantly start to improve the way our minds respond to daily challenges. Tim Box looks at the three main metrics of mind management, how we apply simple principles to help reduce anxiety, and how...

  • Anxiety: Breathing Exercises, When They Help & When The Don't - Tim Box

    Mind coach Tim Box explains how breathing exercises intended to relieve anxiety can sometimes increase it. He explains how and when to use breath control to help anxiety and when to avoid it.

  • Breaking the Anxiety Cycle - Tim Box

    Tim Box explains what causes us to initially develop an anxiety issue, why our anxiety reaches extreme out of control levels, how we then use that information to turn our anxiety response down, and how to get us back in control again.

  • 3 Reasons You Are Still Anxious - Tim Box

    Experts tell us that anxiety is something we can recover from. So if that’s the case why, when we’ve been trying so hard to recover are we still anxious? Mind Coach Tim Box talks about the three ideas that when accepted as true end up locking us into a state of anxiety. Tim also explains how we b...

  • "That Triggers My Anxiety ..." Changing Your Mindset - Tim Box

    Mind coach Tim Box takes a close look at the phrase "That triggered my anxiety" and why it potentially causes us to experience higher levels of anxiety.

  • Diagnosed with Anxiety? (Part One)

    A diagnosis of anxiety can be daunting, shocking, and a worry for the future. Mind coach Tim Box explains how to deal with anxiety and is reassessing about this all-too-common diagnosis.

  • Toxic Masculinity

    Mind Coach Tim Box talks about the concept of toxic masculinity and why it affects us all on some level.

  • Beating Panic Attacks - Tim Box

    Managing panic attacks can be exhausting and often overwhelming. Tim Box explains how to overcome panic attacks and get your life back into control.

  • Clear Your Head, Why Do You Have Low Self-Esteem? - Tim Box

    Mind Coach Tim Box explains how to boost your own self esteem and the impact that will have to reduce anxiety and help put you back in control of your own emotions

  • Clear Your Head, Understanding The Anxiety Puzzle - Tim Box

    Getting control of anxiety when it has escalated and spiralled out of control can seem like an impossible task. Mind Coach Tim Box talks about the first and all important step we must take before our mind will even attempt to solve the anxiety puzzle.

  • How To Overcome Social Anxiety

    Having suffered badly with social anxiety in the past, Mind Coach Tim Box speaks about his own experiences of coming out the other side as well as what he has since learnt from working with clients on a 1-2-1 basis for the last 10 years.

  • How To Get Rid Of Anxiety - Tim Box

    Mind Coach Tim Box discusses the best way to get rid of anxiety completely and if we should be looking to do so.

  • Get Rid of Anxiety With This 7 Minute Method - Tim Box

    Tim Box reveals a quick and easy method to remove negative feelings and emotions. He learnt this ‘mind trick’ while in training and has since adapted it for his own client, believing it can improve many aspects of life - including anxiety.

  • CBT - How To Stop Anxious Thoughts

    Psychotherapist Paige Pradko introduces you to Cognitive Restructuring, a CBT Technique that involves identifying and labelling your own cognitive distortions and then replacing them with more helpful position thoughts.

  • Visualisation Techniques

    If you have ever struggled with obsessive thoughts, worries, or even panic, you know that these frustrating mental activities can increase your stress level and anxiety. Psychotherapist Paige Pradko outlines some Visualisation techniques to help us guide our brains to calmer neuropathways, ultima...

  • How To Calm Anxiety

    In order to calm down our brain, we must stop trying to control our thoughts and avoid things that make us anxious. Psychotherapist Paige Pradko explains why instead, we must welcome and accept anxiety.

  • Calming Mantras

    Pscyhotherapist Paige Pradko has come up with a list of positive mantras and phrases. Positive, encouraging affirmations help us when we need that extra boost of confidence and they help in reducing our anxiety.

  • Mindfulness Techniques

    Psychotherapist Paige Pradko teaches some mindfulness techniques to help you notice what body sensations, thoughts and feelings you are experiencing in the moment.