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How To Get Rid Of Anxiety - Tim Box

Anxiety - Coping & combatting • 8m 2s

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  • Get Rid of Anxiety With This 7 Minute...

    Tim Box reveals a quick and easy method to remove negative feelings and emotions. He learnt this ‘mind trick’ while in training and has since adapted it for his own client, believing it can improve many aspects of life - including anxiety.

  • CBT - How To Stop Anxious Thoughts

    Psychotherapist Paige Pradko introduces you to Cognitive Restructuring, a CBT Technique that involves identifying and labelling your own cognitive distortions and then replacing them with more helpful position thoughts.

  • Visualisation Techniques

    If you have ever struggled with obsessive thoughts, worries, or even panic, you know that these frustrating mental activities can increase your stress level and anxiety. Psychotherapist Paige Pradko outlines some Visualisation techniques to help us guide our brains to calmer neuropathways, ultima...