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Up Next in Fantasy

  • Darling, Darling, Wendy

    Fifteen years after her trip to Neverland, Wendy Darling is determined to go back for good. But Peter Pan has other ideas.

    Fans of ‘Peter Pan‘ will like this.

    Country: USA.
    Language: English.
    Warning: Viewers might find upsetting, some viewers may find disturbing/offensive, suicide or self-harm...

  • Breathe

    Men have had their shot at running the world, and have failed. Now, it's time for the women to take back control. It seems the air outside isn't for everyone anymore...

    Country: UK.
    Language: English.
    Warning: Younger viewers might find frightening, some viewers may find disturbing/offensive.

  • Shots Fired

    Four Angels return from a failed mission to assassinate Ronald Reagan in 1981, and learn that their failure will have dire consequences on the future of humanity.

    Country: United States.
    Language: English.