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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Kindred Spirit

    Singleton Eloise is lonely on a Saturday so invites Jonathan, a guy she’s just met online, over to her apartment for a fun evening - only to find out he’s actually dead.

    Fans of 'Ghost' and 'Trainwreck' will like this.

    Genre: Comedy, Romance, Supernatural.
    Additional: American.
    Director: Carol...

  • Einstein-Rosen

    It’s the summer of 1982 and Teo claims he has found a wormhole. His brother isn’t convinced - at least not yet…

    Genre: Sci-fi, Comedy.
    Additional: Spanish.
    Director: Olga Osorio.

  • O2

    The air supply on a spaceship has been compromised forcing crew members to make some stark choices in this American sci-fi.

    Fans of ’Sunshine‘ will like this.

    Genre: Sci-fi.
    Additional: American.
    Director: Tim Hyten.

  • There's Still Time

    Stuck in a time loop, a man must work out how to save his ex-girlfriend or risk losing her forever.

    Fans of ‘Inception’ will like this.

    Genre: Sci-fi, Romance, Christmas.
    Additional: Spanish. Subtitles. Contains scenes of gore.
    Director: Albert Pintó.

  • 1500 Words (Michael Smiley)

    A man learns he has precisely 1500 words left to live - how long can he survive?

    Fans of ‘Inside No.9’ will like this.

    Genre: Comedy.
    Additional: British.
    Directed by Andrew Chaplin.

  • Matilda

    An apologetic husband buys a crystal orb for his wife as a ‘make-up’ gift. But the orb brings with more problems than it solves.

    Genre: Fantasy, Comedy.
    Additional: Iranian. Subtitles.
    Director: Hamid Taheri.

  • Skipped

    Forced to work late again an office worker stumbles upon a time-travel power that provide the answer to his problems. But a power so life-changing is not to be sneezed at.

    Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Comedy.
    Additional: UAE.
    Director: Faisal Hashmi.

  • Exit Strategy

    A man in a time loop must work with his brother to prevent a catastrophic fire.

    Fans of ‘Looper’ will like this.

    Genre: Sci-fi, Drama.
    Additional: American.
    Director: Travis Bible.

  • It's a Wonderful Knife

    Blaming him for her tragic existence, a heartbroken ex-hooker kidnaps Santa Claus in order to exact revenge.

    Fans of ‘Sin City’ will like this.

    Genre: Thriller, Comedy.
    Additional: American. Adult Themes.
    Directed by Nick Lines.

  • Caronte

    A car accident makes Debbie reconsider her relationship with her family. But while in hospital she unexpectedly connects with Arsys', a space fighter pilot in a life or death battle.

    Fans of ‘Star Trek’ will like this.

    Genre: Sci-fi, Action.
    Additional: Spanish.
    Director: Luis Tinoco.

  • Future Boyfriend

    A short film about falling in love in the wrong space time continuum.

    Fans of ‘The Space Between Us’ will like this.

    Genre: Sci-fi, Romance.
    Additional: American.
    Directed by Ben Rock.

  • The Disappearance of Willie Bingham

    Is this the future of punishment? Willie Bingham is the first to undergo a radical new justice program...

    Fans of 'Saw' and Franz Kafka will like this.

    Genre: Fantasy, Dystopian, Horror, Crime.
    Additional: Australian.
    Directed by Matthew Richards.

  • Eclipse

    A huge spaceship hovers ominously over the earth - but why is it here? Stylish Russian sci-fi.

    Fans of ‘Arrival’ will like this.

    Genre: Sci-fi.
    Additional: Russian.
    Directed by Arte Makarevich.

  • Isabella

    An A.I expert uncovers an unexpected secret while testing a malfunctioning droid.

    Fans of 'Blade Runner' will like this.

    Genre: Sci-fi, Drama.
    Additional: American.
    Directed by Qihong Wei.

  • Deep Clean (Paul Kaye)

    A troubled young man forced into boring work experience with his uncle’s road crew discovers there’s something sinister lurking beneath our streets.

    Fans of ‘Doctor Who’ will like this.

    Genre: Sci-fi, Horror, Comedy.
    Additional: British.
    Directed by Matt Harlock.

  • Spoetnik

    Saucy tale of Sam who works in a food truck in Walloon, on the dutch border and dreams of a life with a girl trapped the brothel opposite.

    Fans of Wes Anderson and the Cohen brothers will like this.

    Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Romantic Comedy.
    Additional: Netherlands, contains sexual referen...

  • Breaker

    In Tokyo's dystopian future a mercenary hacker becomes overrun by a sentient date weapon but needs the parasitic A.I's help if she is to survive. 

    Fans of 'Ready Player One' and 'Upgrade' will like this.

    Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action, Drama, Dystopian.
    Additional: Canadian, Japanese.

  • Ctrl-Z

    A geek guy builds a time machine to win the heart of a stranger with his unwitting friend with him.

    Fans of 'Back to the Future' will like this.

    Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romantic Comedy, Time Travel, British.
    Directed by James Kennedy.

  • A Crimson Man

    As the war of man vs machine rages a young runaway slave must put his trust in a battle-scarred robot in his desperate search for his father.

    Fans of ‘District 9’ will like this.

    Genre: Sci-fi, Dystopian.
    Additional: American.
    Director: Mike Pappa.

  • Mausoleum

    When the pathologist who embalmed Lenin's body undertakes routine maintenance a small hiccup could cost him his life.

    Fans of the Cohen brothers and 'The Death of Stalin' will like this.

    Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Satire, Comedy, Period.
    Additional: Estonian. Contains scenes viewers may find upsett...

  • An American Attorney in London

    An attorney's appointment at the US Embassy in London takes an unpleasant turn.

    Fans of 'Shutter Island' will like this.

    Genre: Fantasy, Drama.
    Additional: American.
    Directed by Darrell Alden.

  • APEX

    A conceptual film inspired by the Alien franchise described by the director as the ‘Emergence of a hybrid human-alien consciousness from the singularity'.

    Fans of 'Alien' will like this.

    Genre: Sci-Fi, Experimental.
    Additional: British. Aliens, contains scenes viewers may find disturbing.

  • F*ck Steve

    A bold and brave look a mental health through the eyes of a man full of self loathing.

    Fans of Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer and Frank Sidebottom will like this.

    Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Experimental, Mental Health.
    Additional: British. Adult content, strong language.
    Directed by Charlie Goodall.

  • Second Star After the Big Bear

    A young girl tries to build a rocket to see her mother one last time...

    Genre: Fantasy.
    Additional: France.
    Director: Olga Osorio.